Murder on the Orient Express

Adapted for the stage by Ken Ludwig
Based on the 1934 novel by Agatha Christie

Directed by Lindsey Keene (she/her)
Production Stage Manager – Rey Duff (he/they)
Technical Stage Manager – Aahana Uppal (she/her)


Just after midnight, a snowdrift stops the Orient Express in its tracks. The luxurious train is surprisingly full for the time of the year, but by the morning it is one passenger fewer. An American tycoon lies dead in his compartment, stabbed eight times, his door locked from the inside. Isolated and with a killer in their midst, the passengers rely on detective Hercule Poirot to identify the murderer–in case the killer decides to strike again.


Hercule Poirot

A renowned moustached detective. Sharp as a tack, observant, intelligent, and witty, while not being completely removed from comedy and the occasional flirtation. Has a keen eye for suspicious behaviour, which leads to solving complex mysteries in impressive feats of time. (Belgian)

Monsieur Bouc

A long-time friend of Poirot’s and the owner of the Orient Express’s holding company Wagon-Lit. A charismatic, charming man with captivating energy. Is always eager to help his friends and customers. (Belgian)

Mary Debenham

A determined, smart, but somewhat secretive governess. Concealing a sadness from her past, she is a complex woman. On top of this, she is also having an affair with Colonel Arbuthnot. (English)

Colonel Arbuthnot
(Actor also plays
Samuel Ratchett)

A military colonel with a commanding presence and strong personality. Although charismatic and pretty charming, he can also be aggressive and stubborn. Is having an affair with Mary Debenham. (Scottish)

Hector MacQueen

The personal assistant to Samuel Ratchett. MacQueen is a nervous wreck of a man whose anxiety lends to occasionally talking a bit too much—especially about things he shouldn’t. (American)

Michel the Conductor
(Actor also plays the Head Waiter)

The incredibly put-together conductor of the Orient Express’ first-class carriages. A level-headed, reasonable, organized man who works well under pressure. (French)

Princess Dragomiroff

An older Russian noble who has been displaced from her home. She is a force to be reckoned with: arrogant, determined, opinionated, and used to getting what she wants. (Russian)

Greta Ohlsson

A Catholic missionary and nurse who is a companion to Princess Dragomiroff. Incredibly devout in her faith, and cares a lot about helping people, especially babies. Can be some unintentional comedic relief with her outbursts and reactions. (Swedish)

Countess Andrenyi

A beautiful noble and doctor who is married to a Count. With a disposition that charms everyone she passes, she is also incredibly intelligent and witty—enough to impress Poirot. But no one is perfect; she may have a secret or two herself. (Hungarian)

Helen Hubbard

A polarizing presence, Helen Hubbard is unforgettably gregarious and has her nose in everyone’s business. Having been married multiple times, Hubbard enjoys a flirtation from time to time and also indulges in some song and dance during the show. Not unlike other characters in the show, Hubbard is not who she seems.  (American)

Samuel Ratchett
(Actor also plays
Colonel Arbuthnot)

An entitled, short-tempered man whose presence is threatening and off-putting to everyone around him. Immediately comes off as dangerous, aggressive, and untrustworthy. (American)

Head Waiter
(Actor also plays Michel)

Making a brief appearance when Poirot dines in Istanbul, a suave yet not entirely truthful waiter who sets the scene at the Tokatlian Hotel. (Turkish)

Additional Voices
(These roles won’t be auditioned for but make brief appearances in the prologue)

Mother, Father, Little Girl, Nanny & The Man

Meet the Production Team


Lindsey Keene (she/her)
– Director –

Lindsey is a fourth-year Public Affairs and Policy Management (PAPM) student at Carleton University who has had a long-time passion for theatre. Lindsey’s love for finding powerful punches in scripts, creating compelling characters, and bringing emotion of all kind to the stage lends itself well to one of the most challenging, but rewarding, roles of all: Director. She cannot wait to bring this classic murder mystery to the SnB stage alongside this fantastic production team.

When (rarely) offstage, Lindsey sits on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association and Sock ‘n’ Buskin. She is a D&D nerd, orchestral percussionist, and cat mom. She dedicates the journey along the Orient Express to her grandmother, with whom her love of theatre began.

Previous Directing: “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” (director), and “Cabaret” (co-director)
For Sock ‘n’ Buskin: Dracula (“Dracula”), Ballet Girl (“Elephant’s Graveyard”)
Select Credits: Abigail Bliss (“The Noble Pursuit”), Jack (“Into the Woods”), Joanna (“Present Laughter”), Gwendolen (“Importance of Being Earnest”), Bianca (“Othello”), Logainne (“25th… Spelling Bee”), Emcee (“Cabaret”).


Rey Duff (he/they)
– Stage Manager –

Rey is a fourth year Human Rights and Social Justice Major. He’s well versed in the wonders (and horrors) of the behind the curtain. His most recent experience was stagehanding Sock n Buskin’s productions of “Dracula” and “Clue”. As an avid fan of both trains and murder, Rey is extremely excited to be the Stage Manager for “Murder on the Orient Express”. He can’t wait for everyone to get on board and see the show!


Aahana Uppal (she/her)
– Assistant Stage Manager –

Aahana is a 3rd year student in the Cognitive Science program and she is super duper excited to be starting her second season with Sock ‘n’ Buskin! She is so grateful to have the opportunity to be Events Coordinator for the second time but also to have the privilege of Assistant Stage Managing for them for their 80th season! As this is her first time on a production team with SnB, she hopes to learn all about what goes into taking a production from script to stage. She could not be more excited to do so with such talented and inspiring fellow production teammates (shoutout Lindsey and Rey for being so kind and amazing). “Murder on the Orient Express” is a story that is familiar to most and she is so excited to help bring this story to life and immerse the SnB community in a piece so timeless and compelling as this one. Most of all, Aahana looks forward to the incredible life-long connections she hopes to make with new and old faces to join the team. All aboard!

Important Dates

Murder on the Orient Express auditions will take place January 11th – 13th at Carleton University (Location to be confirmed upon audition registration, and subject to change pending university approval). Please sign up for an audition time slot via the audition page using the button above!

If you receive a callback, callbacks will take place throughout the day on Sunday, January 14th.

*Please note as per Carleton University health guidelines, all auditionners must be FULLY VACCINATED to audition for our shows*

  • TECH REHEARSAL #1 – Sunday, March 17th from 9:00AM-9:00PM
  • TECH REHEARSAL #2 – Tuesday, March 19th from 5:00PM-11:00P
  • TECH REHEARSAL #3 – Wednesday, March 20th from 5:00PM-11:00PM
  • TECH & DRESS REHEARSAL – Thursday, March 22nd from 5:00PM-11:00PM
  • SHOW #1 – March 22nd
  • SHOW #2 – March 23rd (Matinee performance) 
  • SHOW #3 – March 23rd (Evening performance)
  • SHOW #4 – March 24th