Anne of Green Gables

Adapted by Peter DeLaurier
Directed by Victoria Ricciardelli
Stage Manager - Gabbie Cruz


When aging brother and sister Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert of Prince Edward Island send to the orphanage for a boy to help them on the farm, they get more than they bargain for. Due to a mix-up, they are instead left with 11-year-old Anne Shirley. Over the course of six years, this romantic, hot-headed, and energetic girl wins their hearts and turns the stodgy, rural Canadian community of Avonlea into a bright world of “kindred spirits”. From her “bosom friend” Diana Barry, to her competition with Gilbert Blythe, Anne of Green Gables is a pastoral masterpiece beloved by many (Peter DeLaurier,



Talktative, imaginative, and passionate both in love and in hate, the 11-year-old protagonist is an orphan who is adopted by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. The plot surrounds the story of Anne as she learns and adapts to the rules of society, and teachers her own lessons of childlike wonder to those around her


Living at Green Gables with her brother, Matthew, Marilla comes off as stern and serious when choosing to raise Anne. However, Marilla's wry sense of humour and loving heart become apparent through the adventures with Anne, and it becomes apparent that her strict turtles are upheld to guide Anne's successful life


A bachelor in his sixties living with his unmarried sister, Marilla, Matthew is extremely shy and surprisingly a little eccentric. Although he struggles to communicate with women, he has an instant connection with Anne, being her first and arguably strongest "kindred spirit" in her life. Matthew ensure to openly express his affection and pride towards Anne, and the pair have a positive affect on one another throughout their lives.

Diana Barry

Anne’s best friend, or better known as her “bosom friend”. Described as a “ plump, pretty girl”, she lives next door to Green Gables, and throughout their life journey devote themselves through romantic notions of love and friendship. Although Anne’s right-hand friend, she lacks Anne’s imagination, intelligence, and independence.

Ruby Gillis

One of the youngest of the many Gillis girls in her family, Ruby is a close friend to Anne and likes to share her superior knowledge with her and their other friends. Described to be inclined towards “sentimentality and hysterical fits”, she tends to focus more on her appearance and boys in comparison to Anne’s focus on her studies.

Gilbert Blythe

A handsome, popular, and intelligent Avonlea boy who becomes Anne’s life-long rival. Although their rivalry causes competition in academics throughout their school careers, they continue to be involved in one another’s adventures, and eventually grow affection for one another. In future novels, the pair inevitably fall in love and get married in adulthood, and many adaptations follow this “enemies to lovers” arc in the original storyline

Jane Andrews

Another one of Anne’s circle of friends, Jane is described as a “plain, sensible, and reliable” girl who tags along with Anne’s adventures.

Mrs. Lynde

A neighbour to Green Gables and Marilla’s life-long best friend, she is known as the town gossip and busybody. Mrs. Rachel is known to give her opinion on any matter, preaching personal morals, and is unafraid to be outspoken. Although she too is childless, she is always around to advise Marilla on how to raise Anne and grows affection for the girl over time

Moody Mcpherson

One of the boys in Anne’s class at the Avonlea school, son of the station master, and a classmate of Anne’s at Queen’s Academy.

Josie Bye

Also is a classmate of Anne’s at Queen’s Academy, and having a “flirtatious, cruel personality”, Josie bullies Anne due to her crush on Gilbert Blythe and the jealousy of their apparent connection. Nevertheless, she is still around to take part in Anne’s adventures.

Mrs. Barry

Diana’s mother is described as “a severe, unforgiving woman” as she wants her children to follow strict, sometimes unreasonable, rules. She is quick to condemn Anne when she makes mistakes, but is also forgiving when she knows that she is in the wrong.

Mrs. Spencer

A worker at the asylum where Anne lived, she is a part of the mix up that occurs, and lives in unfortunate circumstances with many children of her own.

Miss Stacy

Anne’s teacher and the Avonlea school teacher with “unorthodox, liberal teaching methods”. Beloved by all her students, she is a role model and mentor for Anne.

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Meet the Production Team

Victoria Ricciardelli
- Director -

This will be Victoria Ricciardelli’s fourth and final production with the Sock ‘n’ Buskin Theatre Company, as she has graduated with an Honours from Carleton University and is pursuing her career as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (graduating from Algonquin College in August 2022). Both a fan of theatre and of Anne of Green Gables since childhood, she is so thankful for all of the hard work from the SnB production team, cast, and crew on making her directorial dreams come true. She would also like to thank all of her loved ones for supporting her involvement in theatre, and is excited to show the world how everyone should aspire to be as authentic and unconventional as Anne Shirley.

Gabbie Cruz
- Stage Manager-

Gabbie is a second-year Psychology & English student at Carleton, and they are absolutely thrilled to be the stage manager for Anne of Green Gables! Gabbie has been a stage manager ever since they started high school, and is grateful that they were able to be a stage manager for SnB’s production of Concord Floral from the comfort of their own home. Now that they are living in Ottawa, Gabbie is excited to return to in-person theatre, meet new friends, and try to sneak in show snacks into the tech booth