Anne of Green Gables

Adapted by Peter DeLaurier - Directed by Victoria Ricciardelli
Gabbie Cruz- Stage Manager 


Elderly and shy Matthew Cuthburt and his strict and prim sister Marilla reside in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, on their family-owned farm known as Green Gables. When the siblings decide to adopt a boy to aid in farmwork, a mix-up instead brings Anne Shirley; an eleven-year-old orphan with bright red hair, freckles, and a feisty attitude. Through her intelligence, wild imagination, and a couple of mishaps (through no fault of her own, of course), Anne wins over the love of the Cuthberts, her bosom-friend Diana Berry, and even her academic rival Gilbert Blyte. A timeless coming-of-age classic, Anne of Green Gables explores themes of vulnerability, going against traditional conventions, and the dreams of a child growing up, displaying a pastoral portrait of family and love.



Ronnie is the rebellious, head-strong daughter of Bill and Amelia Cooke, and elder sister to Abbie. Ronnie loves to stand out, and challenges those who get in her adventure-seeking nature, never shying away from confrontation. She is often protective of her younger brother, causes mischief at school, but in the end, always stands by her family.


Between daydreaming and exploring all of the corners of his curiosity, Abbie is the youngest member of the cast and the most curious. He is the younger brother to Ronnie, and son to Bill and Amelia. Aside from his soft, soul searching nature, Abbie often curates and portrays his life and emotions through graphic novel drawings, keeping his curiosity at bay.


Conor is the best friend and ex-crewmate of Bill Cooke. Conor was invited to life with the Cooke family after he suffered a traumatic brain stroke, during his last mission to Mars with Bill, leaving him with a developmental disability. Though despite his laboured movement and delayed speech, Conor's curiousity and adventure persists, leaving him a crucial part in Bill's plan to save humanity.

Diana Barry

Another member of Bill's ex-crew, Belind is a hot-headed individual. She often gets into run-ins with her other crewmates throughout the play, but still is helpful when needed.

Gilbert Blythe

Valerie is the grounding force of her fellow crewmates, and especially to Belinda. The pair are often seen together, with Valerie as the the voice of ration and reason.

Mrs. Barry

Another one of Bill and Conor's ex-crewmates, Raf is known to be the bitterly outcast. He is a little rough around the edges, very snappy, but still willing to give a helping hand. He also apprears to a have a small drinking problem, affecting his relationships with other characters throughout the play.

Mrs. Spencer

Lynn is the sneaky private detective of the group. She pairs up with Amelia throughout the play, helping Amelia carry out some scheming and speculations. Lynn doesn't accept any form of nonsense from the other characters, and when she's not being a total badass, is is very reliable and always lends a helping hand.

Gilbert Blythe

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Meet the Production Team

Sock 'n' Buskin Theatre Co.

Victoria Ricciardelli
- Director -

Gabbie Cruz
- Stage Manager-

Gabbie is a second-year Psychology & English student at Carleton, and they are absolutely thrilled to be the stage manager for Anne of Green Gables! Gabbie has been a stage manager ever since they started high school, and is grateful that they were able to be a stage manager for SnB’s production of Concord Floral from the comfort of their own home. Now that they are living in Ottawa, Gabbie is excited to return to in-person theatre, meet new friends, and try to sneak in show snacks into the tech booth