Adapted by William McNulty, 2008.
Based on the 1897 novel by Bram Stoker

Directed by Naomi Badour
Stage Manager – Madison Edwards
Assistant Stage Manager – Madonna Garang


After a young woman dies of a swift and mysterious illness, her dearest friend, Lucy Westphal, begins showing similar symptoms. As a series of coincidences unfold, Lucy’s friends realize that they must rally to protect her from a sinister, ancient evil—Count Dracula, who has Lucy in a dangerous thrall. Sacrifices are made, love is tested, and madness is confronted in this adaptation of Bram Stoker’s gothic tale of desire and blood.


Robert Renfield

A patient at Dr. Seward’s asylum, of unique appetites and an unfortunate sense of humor.

A Monster

A vicious supernatural demon; the shape Dracula assumes when unconcerned about appearances. Part zombie, part werewolf, the Monster loves a good chase and is always thirsty.

Mina Grant

A beautiful undead woman in her late twenties. We will see her in various stages of vampirism.

Margaret Sullivan

Dr. Seward’s loyal assistant. Irish. Tries to conceal working class roots with an air of propriety.

Abram Van Helsing

A professor. Older but still in good physical condition, with a razor mind and an intense interest in the supernatural.

Dr. Thomas Seward

An intelligent, fine young Englishman in his early thirties. The former fiancé of the late Mina Grant. A deeply caring, vulnerable human being.

Count Dracula

A villain who revels in the pain and suffering of others. Capable of enormous charm and courtly manners when such affectations are called for.

The Brides

Three Vampires with seductive ways and dire purposes.

The Child

Female, between 7 & 10. Wears a communion dress.

Norbert Briggs

An attendant at the asylum. A rough customer; not entirely a brute, but capable of violent behaviour when pushed to it.

Lucy Westphal

A lovely young Englishwoman. Extremely intelligent, and when not being drained of blood on a regular basis, quite vivacious.

Jonathan Harker

A young solicitor. Handsome, impetuous, madly in love with Lucy.

Meet the Production Team

Updated Naomi Badour Headshot

Naomi Bodour (she/her)
– Director –

Naomi is a second year journalism student with a minor in English, as well as SnB’s 2022/2023 External Coordinator. When she’s not at rehearsal or stressing about school, you can find her wandering around in libraries, learning fun facts about funerals, and petting her friends’ cats. After over ten years of performing and a bout of ASMing for The Importance of Being Earnest last year, she’s incredibly excited to be making her directorial debut with Dracula. A lover of all things Halloween, she’s super stoked (get it) to share these campy vampires with you. She hopes you’re ready for a bloody good time.

Madison Edwards Headshot

Madison Edwards (she/her)
– Stage Manager –

From the young age of twelve, Madison has been a lover of all things theatrical. Performing in shows such as Legally Blonde the Musical, Shrek the Musical, Girls like that, and many more all taken place in Mississauga where she is originally from, but she is ecstatic to be back working in theatre here in Ottawa. For four years, Madison studied theatre in the Regional Arts Program during her High School years at Cawthra Park Secondary School, receiving a Regional Arts certificate upon graduating grade 12. Madison is incredibly thankful for the opportunity of stage managing Dracula, and hopes you all enjoy the show!

Madonna Garang Headshot

Madonna Garang (she/her)
– Assistant Stage Manager –

Madonna has always loved the comfort and joy she found watching movies and shows with her family. She got to be a part of something she loved in high school. Since grade nine, she has favoured being behind the scenes doing technical work for productions. Producing shows including Thoroughly Modern Millie, Shrek the Musical, and Frozen. Outside of rewatching her comfort shows, she spends time honing her guitar, crafting, and poetic skills. Madonna is very grateful for the opportunity of assistant stage-managing Dracula. She hopes that through watching Dracula, you’ll come to love theatre too. If you don’t already.

Important Dates

Dracula auditions will take place Saturday, September 10th from 9am – 4pm at Carleton University (Location to be confirmed upon audition registration, and subject to change pending university approval). Please sign up for an audition time slot via the audition page using the button below!

If you receive a callback, callbacks will take place throughout the day on Sunday, September 11th starting at 2pm.

*Please note as per Carleton University health guidelines, all auditionners must be FULLY VACCINATED to audition for our shows*

  • TECH REHEARSAL #1 – Saturday, November 12th from 9am – 9pm
  • TECH REHEARSAL #2 – Sunday, November 13th from 9am – 9pm
  • SHOW #1 – Thursday, November 17th
  • SHOW #2 – Friday, November 18th
  • SHOW #3 – Saturday, November 19th
  • SHOW #4 – Sunday, November 20th