Written for the stage by William Shakespeare 

Directed by Bo Doyle (he/they)
Production Stage Manager – Mace Mously (they/them)
Technical Stage Manager – Dawson Fleming (he/him)
Administrative Stage Manager – Max Schneider (he/him)


In the old Scottish highlands, newly promoted Thane of Cawdor Macbeth hears from suspicious Witches that he will one day be King. After encouragement from his bold and brazen wife, it’s decided that Macbeth will become King of Scotland one way or another, and after killing his way to the throne, the guilt of his actions causes Macbeth to spiral into madness, and drags his kingdom and loved ones down with him.


The Three Witches/The Weird Sisters

The Weird Sisters haunt the outskirts of Scotland, using their loyalty to their dark mistress to twist the fates of those who seek them out. They have notable abilities in clairvoyance, and fear nothing.

King Duncan

Righteous King Duncan rules Scotland with care, he’s loved by many, and carefully rules with a kind heart.

Prince Malcolm

The heir to the throne; he is well kept and logical. He serves for justice and pragmatism. He would make a good king.

Prince Donalbain

Donalbain is far more playful than his older brother, and is very close with his father.

Lord Lennox

An older Scottish noble who is friendly, and keeps a smile to hide his careful observations.

Lord Ross

A Scottish noble who is closed off. He is suspicious of the people around him but not unkind.

Lord Angus

A Scottish noble who keeps to himself.  (This role is the combination of Characters Lord Angus, Lord Caithness and Lord Menteith)


A young and charismatic Thane, who is promised greatness. After committing to a murderous plot to achieve royal status, Macbeth mental state spirals deeper and deeper into madness, losing touch with the world around him in the process.

Lady Macbeth

A young and bold woman who partially lives vicariously through Macbeth. She sees opportunity to rise to greatness, and has to convince and aid her husband to go through with it. She begins to unravel at the seams as the guilt of her actions consumes her.


Banquo is a Thane in the King’s army. He is grounded and down to earth. He is Macbeth’s best friend and Fleance’s father. He keeps himself and his son out of the king’s murder plot as long as he is able to, but is still suspicious of those involved.


Macduff is another Thane in the King’s army. He is a stable family man, who is incredibly suspicious of Macbeth from the start, and remain loyal to Malcolm and his right to the throne.


The young son of Banquo, he’s reserved and curious. He trusts his father and does not trust Macbeth.

Meet the Production Team

bo headshot

Bo Doyle (he/they)
– Director –

Bo is a fourth year English student at Carleton, and after three years of working on stage with Sock ‘n’ Buskin in productions like Bad Auditions… On Camera! (2020) and Clue! (2023), He thinks its time to sink his teeth into directing. With feverish ambition and spiralling delight, Bo is maddened with excitement to share his vision of the Scottish play with audiences who share his love for Shakespeare and hard to tell stories. Outside of theatre, Bo spends a great deal of time writing stories, reading and asking politely for people to leave him alone.

mace headshot

Mace Mously (they/them)
– Production Stage Manager –

Mace is in their 3rd year at Carleton studying Computer Science. They grew up in the middle east where there was less of a culture of student theatre, so although they had an interest in participating in theatrical arts it was a sown seed that wasn’t watered. They enjoy playing D&D, listening to music (their favorites being escape room, swancore, and hyperpop) and are a lover of plants, foraging and all things gardening. They have a can-do attitude and are very passionate (and some might argue, stubborn) about working things out, no matter what. Hardworking and friendly, they’ve been all around in their short time residing in Ottawa, volunteering for set construction and being a stagehand for the production of Dracula and Clue, volunteering for the GSRC, and now being a production stage manager for SnB’s Tragedy of Macbeth! They’re ecstatic to work as part of a team again, but this time, in a more involved way to create a wonderful production!

dawson Headshot

Dawson Fleming (he/him)
– Technical Stage Manager –

Dawson Fleming, Macbeth’s Technical Stage Manager, is a graduate of the Algonquin Performing Arts program. Starring as the Engineer in SnB’s Elephant’s Graveyard, previously Dawson worked closely with the Lamira Rose Theatre Collective before moving to Ottawa. With credits behind the scenes of the touring Menopause the Musical 2: Cruising Through the Change, Dawson also recently starred in Unsung: The Accidental Villains of History as a variety of singing roles at Ottawa’s Fringe Festival. Thrilled to once again be behind the lights, Dawson looks forward to playing his part in bringing Shakespeare’s most infamous work to the stage.

Max headshot

Max Schneider (he/him)
– Administrative Stage Manager –

Max is a second year Film and Communications student. This is his first year working with Sock ‘n’ Buskin after having some previous theatre experience, but he couldn’t be more excited to begin as a Stage Manager this fall! When he’s not busy working, he loves watching movies, reading, travelling, and exploring coffee shops in Ottawa!

Important Dates

Macbeth auditions will take place Friday, September 15th and Saturday, September 16th at Carleton University (Location to be confirmed upon audition registration, and subject to change pending university approval). Please sign up for an audition time slot via the audition page using the button above!

If you receive a callback, callbacks will take place throughout the day on Sunday, September 17th starting at 5PM.

*Please note as per Carleton University health guidelines, all auditionners must be FULLY VACCINATED to audition for our shows*

  • TECH REHEARSAL #1 – Saturday, November 11th
  • TECH REHEARSAL #2 – Sunday, November 12th
  • TECH & DRESS REHEARSAL – Wednesday, November 15th
  • SHOW #1 – Thursday, November 16th at 8PM
  • SHOW #2 – Friday, November 17th at 8PM
  • SHOW #3 – Saturday, November 18th at 8PM
  • SHOW #4 – Sunday, November 19th at 8PM

*Doors open at 7:30PM*