The Outsiders

Adapted by Christopher Sergel
Based on the 1967 novel by S. E. Hinton

Directed by Smridhi Malhotra (she/her)
Stage Manager – Naomi Badour (she/her)
Assistant Stage Manager – Abby Butler (she/her)


Set in 1960s Oklahoma, we meet two rival gangs: the Greasers, a group of tough, working-class youth, and the Socs, the wealthy and privileged kids. The story revolves around Ponyboy Curtis, a Greaser, as he navigates the challenges of his world. When Ponyboy’s friend Johnny kills a Soc in self-defense, it sets off a chain of events that forces Ponyboy and his gang to confront their own identities and where their loyalties lie. This coming-of-age story is filled with intense themes that will set your heart on fire. Based on the novel of the same name.



Our protagonist; a soft spoken and sensitive narrator. The youngest of 3 brothers. He feels like an outsider within his own gang. He struggles to reconcile his social class standing, but learns a great deal.


Ponyboy’s loyal friend, a nervous greaser with low self esteem but a heart of gold- with a tough exterior from a struggled past.


 A snobby Soc who picks on Johnny and will always have dried blood on his knuckles. 


Another Soc, questioning his privileged life and eventually sees the futility in fighting.


The most dangerous greaser, with a prideful criminal record and a tough past.


The joker of the greasers, always armed with a quick wit and a switchblade, ready to lighten the mood and keep everyone on their toes.


 Ponyboy’s responsible oldest brother, trying to hold the family together while juggling the weight of the world on his [broad] shoulders.


Ponyboy’s charming & smart second oldest brother, with an enduringly happy aura. He acts as a bridge between his brothers.


Sodapop’s girlfriend, adding a touch of sweetness to the greaser gang and making hearts flutter with her presence.


A Soc caught between two worlds, with a fiery spirit and a heart that yearns for understanding and unity. 


Cherry’s BFF, a fierce and loyal friend who’s always got her back, ready to stand up against anyone. 

Mrs. O’Briant

The grateful elementary school teacher who’s students are saved by Johnny and Ponyboy


A parent aiding Ponyboy in the ambulance, intrigued by him and his friends. 


The medical expert who patches up the gang’s scars.


Assisting the doctor with a caring touch.

Mr. Syme

The English teacher who enlightens Ponyboy’s coming-of-age storyline.

Meet the Production Team


Smridhi Malhotra (she/her)
– Director –

Smridhi is joining the SnB community for the first time and is thrilled to direct an adaptation of one of her favourite books as an angsty middle schooler! She’s been in the theatre & film scene heavily throughout high school and is excited to join once again. Smridhi is going into her second year of the Global and International studies program with a specialization in Media and Comms (+ a minor in French). Smridhi is currently is Tokyo, Japan she types this while reading Rick Riordan’s newest book with her fourth mango smoothie beside her. She is so excited to be an Outsider Insider along her brilliant stage managers Naomi and Abby! 

Naomi (she:her)

Naomi Badour (she/her)
– Stage Manager –

This is Naomi’s third season with SnB, and her first time stage managing a production. Previously, she has acted in two SnB shows (Elephant’s Graveyard as “Clown” and Clue as “Cook”), directed Dracula last fall, and assistant stage managed The Importance of Being Earnest in her first year. When she’s not in rehearsal (rare), she moonlights as an English major, a thrift store fiend, and a lover of sci-fi/fantasy novels. She’s so excited to learn new skills as this show’s stage manager, and she’s thrilled to be an Outsider insider alongside Smridhi and Abby! 


Abby Butler (she/her)
– Assistant Stage Manager –

Abby is very excited to be joining the Sock ‘n’ Buskin team this year! This is her first time stage managing, but she has lots of experience both behind and on-stage throughout her 7 years in the theatre community. Abby is heading into her second year in media and communication studies, with a minor in psychology. When she is not at a concert (or planning her next one), she’s probably playing Candy Crush, adding books to her tbr, or watching an Eras Tour livestream. 

Important Dates

The Outsiders auditions will take place on Friday, November 24th from 6pm – 9pm and Saturday, November 25th from 10am – 6pm at Carleton University (Location to be confirmed upon audition registration, and subject to change pending university approval). Please sign up for an audition time slot via the audition page using the button below!

If you receive a callback, callbacks will take place throughout the day on Sunday, November 26th starting at 1pm.

*Please note as per Carleton University health guidelines, all auditionners must be FULLY VACCINATED to audition for our shows*

  • TECH REHEARSAL #1 – February 3rd
  • TECH REHEARSAL #2 – February 4th
  • TECH & DRESS REHEARSAL – February 7th
  • SHOW #1 – February 8th
  • SHOW #2 – February 9th
  • SHOW #3 – February 10th
  • SHOW #4 – February 11th