The Importance of Being Earnest

Play by Oscar Wilde - Directed by Josiah McLellan 
Laura Brown - Stage Manager
Razz Routley - Assistant Stage Manager


“Advance Man introduces Bill, Amelia, Ronnie, and Abbie, a family filled with conflicting personality types living in a charming Floridian suburb. Bill raises his children with his wife Amelia, while leading a startup company focused on alleviating food shortages globally. At least, that is the advertised purpose of the organization. Bill and his wife have taken Conor, a former member of Bill’s crew, into their home after he suffered an apparent stroke during the crew’s last mission to Mars. The couple lives with their daughter, Ronnie, a bold truth-seeker who challenges authority (both inside and outside the house) and her brother, Abbie, a sensitive and artistic soul who escapes into his comic book sketches. Abbie’s latest creative venture, a graphic novel featuring The Honeycomb, is filled with insect-like aliens that live in a hive – a concept implanted in Abbie’s mind by his father. Between addressing Ronnie’s school fights and her rebellious attitude, Amelia begins to suspect that her oft-absent husband is having an affair. However, all is not as it seems, and Amelia’s suspicions uncover something far more sinister. (Show summary courtesy of Theresa Perkins at


Bill Cooke

Bill Cooke is a former astronaut, husband to Amelia Cook and father to Ronnie and Abbie. He is the leader of the group, very charismatic and driven. Since his astronauting days, Bill has focused on leading a startup company focused on alleviating global food shortages. Though there is more behind the scenes to his company than what appears. Bill partner's up with his old astronaut buddies, Conor, Belinda, Valerie, Raf and Lynn to whom he welcomes into his home, to try and get to the bottom of some strange occurrences and help save humanity.

Amelia Cooke

Wife to Bill Cooke and mother to Ronnie and Abbie, Amelia is the homemaker and foundational rock to the Cooke family. She is bubbly and often seen wearing brightly coloured clothing, as she does her best to support her husband on his astronomic endeavours and goals. She is also assisting Conor and nurses him back to health. Throughout the play, Amelia, along with the rest of the characters falls victim to doubt and pressure, and going to extremes to figure out what's really going on behind the scenes of her small suburban Florida lifestyle.

Ronnie Cooke

Ronnie is the rebellious, head-strong daughter of Bill and Amelia Cooke, and elder sister to Abbie. Ronnie loves to stand out, and challenges those who get in her adventure-seeking nature, never shying away from confrontation. She is often protective of her younger brother, causes mischief at school, but in the end, always stands by her family.

Abbie Cooke

Between daydreaming and exploring all of the corners of his curiosity, Abbie is the youngest member of the cast and the most curious. He is the younger brother to Ronnie, and son to Bill and Amelia. Aside from his soft, soul searching nature, Abbie often curates and portrays his life and emotions through graphic novel drawings, keeping his curiosity at bay.


Conor is the best friend and ex-crewmate of Bill Cooke. Conor was invited to life with the Cooke family after he suffered a traumatic brain stroke, during his last mission to Mars with Bill, leaving him with a developmental disability. Though despite his laboured movement and delayed speech, Conor's curiousity and adventure persists, leaving him a crucial part in Bill's plan to save humanity.


Another member of Bill's ex-crew, Belind is a hot-headed individual. She often gets into run-ins with her other crewmates throughout the play, but still is helpful when needed.


Valerie is the grounding force of her fellow crewmates, and especially to Belinda. The pair are often seen together, with Valerie as the the voice of ration and reason.


Another one of Bill and Conor's ex-crewmates, Raf is known to be the bitterly outcast. He is a little rough around the edges, very snappy, but still willing to give a helping hand. He also apprears to a have a small drinking problem, affecting his relationships with other characters throughout the play.


Lynn is the sneaky private detective of the group. She pairs up with Amelia throughout the play, helping Amelia carry out some scheming and speculations. Lynn doesn't accept any form of nonsense from the other characters, and when she's not being a total badass, is is very reliable and always lends a helping hand.

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About the Director - Josiah McLellan

After only dabbling in drama class in high school, and being an actor for the Sock ‘n’ Buskin theatre company for 2 years, Max Sandler is excited now to embark on a new journey as a director for Sock ’n’ Buskin, which will be his first behind-the-scenes role.

Sandler identifies himself as what you might call a bit of a stereotypical nerd: He spends a lot of his time time indoors playing board and video games, and loves to read/watch sci-fi and fantasy media. 

“That’s part of the reason why I’m excited to put on a production of Advance Man this year; while still being a distinctly theatre-oriented experience, it incorporates some of the genre tropes of sci-fi that I love so much which are normally relegated to big-budget movies”,  Sandler says.

That being said, director Max Sandler believes Advance Man asks a lot of important moral questions which he hopes gives his audience something to think about.  The characters in the play are placed in tough situations and are forced to follow their own moral compasses, which don’t always align. “There are no easy answers here”, and Max personally loves this about Advance Man and hopes others will as well!

Brooke Trealout

– Assistant Director –

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Martina Peterson

– Stage Manager –

Martina is a fourth year Linguistics student at Carleton taking on the role of a stage manager for the first time! She has loved participating in theatre since middle school, and has had small parts in school productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2014), Legally Blonde (2016), and Once Upon A Mattress (2017). She got started with SnB in 2019 as a stagehand for Pride & Prejudice, and has since done backstage work for King Lear (2020) and Bad Auditions… On Camera (2020). She also had the huge privilege of acting in Concord Floral last spring as the Greenhouse. Now an SnB board member, she is so excited (and a little nervous!) about stage managing Advance Man and bringing to life a very unique show. She’s looking forward to working with old friends and making new ones, and to finally be doing in-person theatre again!