Aahana (she:her)

Aahana Uppal

• Events & Accessibility •

Aahana is a 3rd year Cognitive Science student with a concentration in Biological Foundations of Cognition. This is Aahana’s second year (and almost a half) being involved with SnB and she cannot WAIT for another year of working with and meeting the new wonderful people that make up this beautiful community. From doing hair and makeup for Anne of Green Gables (2022), being equity coordinator for Clue (2023) and planning events for the 2022-2023 season, Aahana is thrilled to be once again planning events for SnB’s 80th season! You can always catch her convincing people to join SnB because no matter one’s role, this group will always feel like family. Aahana hopes to see many and all join SnB for what will be an exciting and thrilling 80th season!


David (he:him)

David De Paiva

• Treasurer •​

David is a second-year Political Science Master’s student. He’s heading into his second season with Sock ‘n’ Buskin, and he’s so excited to help out with this year’s slate of shows, and see three brilliant new artistic visions come to life! David enjoyed drama in high school, and took a long break before coming back to theatre with SnB in 2022. In his first season, he acted in both Dracula and Clue, and enjoyed it so much he wanted to try and work with SnB all year round! While not thinking about SnB spreadsheets, work spreadsheets, school spreadsheets and personal spreadsheets, he enjoys watching movies, going to public libraries, baking, and figuring out how to pull off a jean jacket. David can’t wait to watch SnB’s 80th season come to light, and is looking forward to working with everyone on the board to make it a Great-y Eighty.

Naomi (she:her)

Naomi Badour

• Production Coordinator •

Naomi is a third-year English major. She’s heading into her third season with Sock ‘n’ Buskin, and she couldn’t be more thrilled to work with the incredible community on an all-new slate of shows! Throughout high school, she acted (and sang, with less success) in several shows, including Legally Blonde (Enid), Frozen (Kristoff), and Aladdin (Iago). In her first season with SnB, she assistant stage managed The Importance of Being Earnest, then last season she directed Dracula and acted in both Elephant’s Graveyard and Clue. She’s thinking about Sock ‘n’ Buskin literally every second of every day, but when she isn’t, she enjoys reading, collecting kitschy earrings, and learning fun facts about death practices around the world. Naomi is honoured to be on the board for SnB’s 80th season, and is eternally grateful to everyone, past and present, who has kept this company running for so long.


Levi (he:they)

Levi Nabe

• Webmaster •

Levi is a 3rd year Film Studies student, and he is extremely excited to be joining the Sock ‘n’ Buskin Board for the 2023/2024 season. This is his 2nd season being a part of Sock ‘n’ Buskin’s Board as Webmaster, and is ready to continue to help SnB’s community grow. He has been involved in theatre since high school, and is delighted that he can continue pursuing this passion with SnB. He had been a part of Anne of Green Gables and last year’s production of Clue, and enjoys participating in productions both on and off the stage. Outside of theatre, Levi enjoys watching horror movies, reading comic books and practicing special effects makeup. As well as spending time with his 4 dwarf rats and service dog in training, Monty; which he will definitely try to show you pictures of them. He is so thrilled to spend another year with Sock ‘n’ Buskin and be a part of such a wonderful community.

Olivia (she:her)

Olivia Rumbell

• Social Media Coordinator •

Olivia is a fourth year Journalism student at Carleton. This is her second year on the board. From acting in Anne of Green Gables in 2022, helping with hair and makeup for Clue, and running SnB’s social meeting, Olivia looks for any chance to get more involved with this amazing community. Reach out to SnB’s social media with any questions you have and Olivia will love to talk to you on the other end. And if you see someone taking way too many pictures at SnB events for the Instagram that’s probably Olivia too- feel free to say hi!

Madi (she:her)

Madison Edwards

• Graphics Coordinator •

Madison is in her third year at Carleton studying a BA in Psychology and a Minor is disability studies! This is her second season with SnB and she is eager and immensely grateful for her position on the board for the 2023/2024 season! Previously, Madison had the honour of Stage-managing last year’s production of DRACULA, and took her debut as Tour Manager in Elephants Graveyard. Madison love of theatre began at a young age after she was introduced to classic musicals by her parents. Before being apart of SnB, Madison was enrolled in the Regional Arts Program majoring in Drama studies in high school, president of Drama council, while taking part in the National Theatre School (NTS). While participating in behind-the-scenes action, she also starred in many shows, her favourites include Girls like That, Legally blonde the Musical, and Elephants Graveyard. Madison is so excited to see the SnB community grow, whether your new to the theatrical world or just recently wanting to get involved, she highly encourages you to take part in this wonderful community!

Lindsey (she:her)

Lindsey Keene

• Internal Coordinator •

Lindsey is a 4th year Public Affairs and Policy Management student specializing in Communications Technology and Regulation. A long-time theatre lover, Lindsey’s recent Sock ‘n’ Buskin shows include playing Dracula in Dracula and Ballet Girl and Elephant’s Graveyard. Other favourite roles include Abigail in The Noble Pursuit (Ottawa Little Theatre), Jack in Into the Woods (Carleton Musical Theatre Society), Emcee in Cabaret, Logainne in 25th… Spelling Bee, Gwendolen in Importance of Being Earnest, and Joanna in Present Laughter. Lindsey is excited to be able to combine two of her biggest loves (theatre and policy!) in her role as Internal Coordinator. In her infrequent spare time, Lindsey sits on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association, is a D&D fanatic, and is an orchestral percussionist. She cannot wait to work with this incredibly talented SnB board as the organization enters its 80th year.


Erin (she:they)

Erin Chappel

• Outreach Coordinator •

Erin is a 3rd year English Literature student with a minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies. She is honoured by the opportunity to help the Sock ’n’ Buskin family grow and flourish in her second season as their Outreach Coordinator! Erin has harboured a passion for performing from a very young age, bringing her to stages ranging from the local library to Carnegie Hall. She carried this passion with her through high school as a member of the RAP Drama Program at Cawthra Park Secondary School in her hometown of Mississauga, where she found a new passion for direction and performance arts education. Eager to keep this love alive, Erin was ecstatic to find Sock ’n’ Buskin, Canada’s oldest student-run theatre company, and make her debut as the rebellious and vibrant Ronnie Cooke in their 2021 production of Advance Man. Erin encourages anyone, whether they’re a seasoned performer or a long-time consumer, to take creative risks, celebrate their inner ingénue, and find a home here at Sock ’n’ Buskin Theatre Co. Because it’s not just a company, it’s a friendship company!

Ness (she:they)

Ness Dorion

• External Coordinator •

Ness Dorion is an emerging Ottawa-born artist with a passion for theatre. Ever since they were little, they enjoyed storytelling and continue to write stories in their free time. They have worked on Sock ‘n’ Buskin’s productions of Dracula as a stagehand and Clue as a stage manager, and have gotten involved in other local Ottawa theatre projects such as À demain with Youth Infringement Festival. She has also went to Columbia’s Summer Research Program with INCITE in Oral History and Social Change (2023), and is excited to bring all of these artistic skills to her position on Sock ‘n’ Buskin’s board for the 80th season!


Lauren headshot

Lauren McLaughlin


Lauren is a 4th-year Media Production and Design student minoring in Film Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies. She began her theatre journey 13 years ago onstage in her grade three class production of The Princess and the Pea, where she instantly fell in love with performing and storytelling. After three years serving as the board’s Graphics Coordinator, she is so excited to be taking on the Co-Artistic Director position for her final year at Carleton alongside Gabbie! Lauren has loved every second of her time at SnB from being on the board to acting to stage-handing and doing hair and makeup! When she’s not in class or in rehearsals, Lauren loves to surf, pet dogs (especially her dog Tucson), try new coffee shops in Ottawa, and visit the cows in the Experimental Farm.

Gabbie (they:them)

Gabbie Cruz


Call it a sequel to a movie musical with Meryl Streep because, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! Gabbie (they/them) is going into their fourth year of Childhood & Youth Studies with a double minor in English & Psychology, and they are super excited to return as SnB’s Artistic Director alongside Lauren! They had a blast learning about the ins and outs of running a theatre company, and they are looking forward to being the ADs of the 80s! When they aren’t AD-ing, you can probably find Gabbie trying to write either a thesis, a fanfic that has been long forgotten in their Google drive, or a bio about themselves in the third person (they still have trouble with it). They are so excited for another groovy year of theatre and art!