Georgie Adams Headshot

Georgie Adams

• External Coordinator •

Originally from Vancouver BC, Georgie is in her third year of studies in psychology at Carleton with the hopes to become a developmental psychologist one day. Georgie was very involved in theatre in high school and so has been thrilled to have found a fun-loving theatre community like Sock ‘n’ Buskin. She has loved taking the stage in two SnB shows: A Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon and Much Ado About Nothing, and is looking forward to another great season of amazing productions. When she is not on stage or studying you can find her playing sports, thrift shopping or making smoothie bowls!

Gabrielle Goudie Headshot

Gabrielle Goudie

• Production Coordinator •

Gabrielle is a second year Psychology Major with a Concentration in Forensics, and while her interests scatter from just that, to written word, and to rugby, her passion has always been for the theatrical arts. Having been on stage since a very young age, Gabrielle is very comfortable in the stage lights, but is very excited to take the next step in her theatrical journey and join Sock ’n’ Buskin in this new year.

Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson

• Treasurer •​
Emily is a third year journalism and political science student who is thrilled to be a part of the board of executives for Sock ‘n’ Buskin’s 76th season! She has had the privilege of acting in two SnB shows, The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon and Much Ado About Nothing, and is looking forward to taking a more active role in such a fun creative community. When she isn’t in rehearsals, camped out in the library, or scrambling to find her next source (#jschool) you can find her cooking, reading, or exploring new spots around the city. She encourages anyone thinking of joining SnB to go for it – all are welcome here!
Tyreike Reid Headshot

Tyreike Reid

• Social Media Coordinator •

Tyreike is in his third year of Communication and Media Studies and is thrilled to be a part of the board this season! Tyreike has taken part in many community theatre and school productions, and immediately knew that Sock ‘n’ Buskin would become his next theatre family. Since joining the company in his second year, his show credits include Christopher Wren in The Mousetrap and Fire Chief Beatty in Fahrenheit 451. Now he is thrilled to be taking on his new role as king of all things social and media. When he is not attending an infinite amount of rehearsals you can find him working his residence life job as a Residence Fellow and sleeping in his dorm room, while neglecting all school work until the night before its due. Tyreike is very excited for the upcoming season and encourages all of you to say hello! Follow him on IG: @Ty_J_Reid

Victoria Ledia Ricciardelli Headshot

Victoria Leda Ricciardelli

• Graphics Coordinator •

Victoria Ricciardelli is a fourth-year student in a Combined Honours of English and Psychology. Victoria has had a past in directing within the Youth Infringement Festival (Madness 4.48, Misery, Dead Dream Graveyard, The Toast With The Most) and acting in Sock ‘n’ Buskin’s 2018-2019 season (Much Ado About Nothing, Fahrenheit 451). As Victoria is aiming towards a future career in drama therapy or a related discipline, she is extremely grateful to be the company’s graphic coordinator. She is honoured to be involved with such a creative and uplifting community and is excited to capture the memorable moments of SnB’s 2019-2020 season.

Nigel Board Photo

Nigel Klemencic-Puglisevich

• Events Coordinator •
Nigel Klemencic-Puglisevich is a first year student in a Joint Honours of Greek & Roman Studies, History, and a Minor in Archaeology who is so excited to be working on the Sock ‘n’ Buskin board! He has been involved with theatre for many years now, having worked various roles in many productions, and also working for a friend’s theatre company LaMira Rose as an Artistic Director. When not booking rooms or editing hours of footage, he is likely working on his family history, learning a dead language, or wasting precious time by watching Relic Hunter. Nigel is honoured to have been given the opportunity to get involved with Sock ‘n’ Buskin this year!
Neve Sugars-Keen Headshot

Neve Sugars-Keen

• Internal Coordinator •

Neve is a second year Humanities and Biology student who is very excited to be on the board this year! When not doing theatre, she reads a lot, plays many many musical instruments (including the violin, bagpipes, and very recently started the harp), and does a little bit of kickboxing on the side. Neve is also the undefeated champion of Ontario (or at least her family) of the medieval board game Nine Men’s Morris. She loves cats and would like to thank Tuque for reluctantly posing for the photo with her. Neve had a great time with Sock ‘n’ Buskin in Much Ado About Nothing and Fahrenheit 451 last year and is very excited to have the chance to be more involved this season!


Niheatha Arumugam

• Events Coordinator •
Niheatha Arumugam is in her third year of Sociology and is super excited be apart of the Sock ’n’ Buskin Theatre Company for the first time! Her theatre journey began in grade 6 when she played Princess Jasmine in the school musical Aladdin and since then she has gained many theatrical and film experiences that has greatly influenced her to be apart of more creative productions. She is also thrilled to be apart of SnB’s 2019-2020 season as a member of the production team for a modernized creative version of King Lear. Whether she’s drowning in essays or any school work you’ll always catch her watching Netflix or spending hours editing videos of her life.
Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson

• Webmaster •

Alex Wilson is a fourth? fifth? year Computer Science student with a passion for theatre and improv, who embodies the phrase “trash can, not trash can’t!” When she isn’t coding or making giant foam axes, you can find her playing MMOs, judging teenage theatre sports, drinking her weight in coffee, and being involved in as many Sock ‘n’ Buskin productions as possible. She has stage managed a group of wild rhinoceroses and performed as a weird dog thing, a weird sister, an even weirder sister, and the weirdest lit prof you could ever hope to have. Alex is incredibly excited to return to the board and work towards putting on an incredible season with the friendship company!


Natascha Sekerinski

From stage elf to stage manager to photo taker and graphic maker, Natascha is absolutely thrilled to be adding Co-Artistic Director to the list of ways that she has the good fortune to become involved with the beautiful and vibrant friendship company that is Sock ‘n’ Buskin. When not exploring theatre life, Natascha spends her time pursuing a degree in Global and International Studies with a specialization in Globalization and Environment and a minor in Anthropology. Favourite procrastination techniques include planning her next trip across the Atlantic, figuring out cool ways to edit her latest batch of photos in Lightroom, and finding a floor to sit on and chat with friends.

Sarah Sheils

Sarah Sheils is a 3rd year English student who found her way from a small town to the big city of Ottawa. It took blood, guts and glory but she found a second family in Sock ‘n’ Buskin. When not on the stage (or drowning in readings), you can find her playing Dungeons and Dragons or filling a sketchbook with doodles. Sarah is thrilled to be a part of SnB for the third year in a row and she can’t wait to see our SnB members (both old and new) take the stage for our 76th season!